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Boletuses fried in sour cream, cutlets mushroom, boletuses stewed, the champignons baked mushrooms in the estimate, fried hats of fresh mushrooms, cabbage stewed with mushrooms, vegetables stewed with mushrooms, fish in sauce with mushrooms, meat with mushrooms fried and stewed

Mushrooms wash out, ottsezhivat and small cut. Onions are cut small, slightly roasted on vegetable oil and cooled. Mushrooms connect to onions, add black pepper and well mix. To lay out ready caviar on a plate, to strew with greens.

Dried mushrooms to boil, filter and cut straws. Onions to chop and roast with a tomato mashed potatoes on butter. To slice pickles. To enter the prepared products into the boiling broth and to cook 10-15 min. Then to put mushrooms, bell pepper, bay leaf, to salt and allow to begin to boil. To add olives without stones, capers and to cook 5 minutes. To pour ready solyanka in plates, to put sour cream, a circle of a lemon and to strew with greens.

Drying is the most widespread way of processing of mushrooms. In the course of drying mushrooms gain characteristic aroma. White dried mushrooms on quality share on three commodity grades: 1y, 2y, 3y. Other dried mushrooms are not subdivided into grades.

To cut fresh mushrooms in cubes, to put in a pan and to salt. To add to them cut by straws and fried onions, to pour waters and to extinguish 25-30 min. Then to fill mushrooms with the browned flour with sour cream, to bring to boiling.

To salt the whole young mushrooms "to strew with pepper and to fry on vegetable oil of 25-30 minutes. Then to remove from fire and to leave in a warm place. Onions to chop, fry on oil, to add sour cream, to salt and on weak fire to bring to readiness. To fill in with ready sauce mushrooms and to decorate with greens.

Mushrooms in all types have valuable food properties. But one of them possess more valuable properties (fresh mushrooms) in comparison with others (tinned, salty, marinated). However it does not prevent them to have equivalent application in cookery.

To boil chanterelles in the added some salt water with addition of a thyme (2-3 branches), to cool, basil leaves, anchousny fillet, garlic to chop and add lemon juice. To pound, shake up an egg yolk with vegetable oil and to mix with a basil, chanterelles and to sustain 30 min. When giving to lay a hill, to strew with parsley greens, to issue toasts from white loaf and the shaken-up butter.

Gelatin is presoaked in water and, heating, dissolve in fresh mushrooms decoction with addition of salt and garlic. For jelly from marinated mushrooms gelatin is dissolved in water with addition of a brine or marinade the Crushed mushrooms start the dissolved gelatin in forms or dishes and cool.

At a cold way mushrooms stack hats down in barrels, layers the 6-8th, pour each layer salt and spices (bay leaf, pepper, fennel, currant leaves). Mushrooms have to be covered with a brine layer. If they are not covered with a brine layer, it is possible to add 5% salt solution, prokipyachenny and cooled. The top layer is salted more densely, covered with a pure napkin, put a wooden circle with a stone oppression on it. When, in some days, mushrooms strongly settle, it is possible to report the mushrooms salted separately. The excessive brine from mushrooms is collected and used for soups and sauces.

Sauce mushroom, sauce mushroom with vegetables. sauce with mustard and a horse-radish, sauce lemon. champignons sauce with wine and cream, sauce mushroom with tomatoes, sauce mushroom with dry wine, tomato sauce with mushrooms and a celery, with fennel, swept away, etc.

Champignons to clear and slice thin, to pickle onion and small to chop. To mix cottage cheese with the vegetable oil, ketchup, pepper, sugar and vinegar grated by apple. On bread slices with an eel to lay out weight and to issue lettuce leaves.

For a pickles saffron milk caps, milk mushrooms, coral milky caps, chernushka, svinushka, white butterflies are generally used. It is also possible to use cepes, aspen mushrooms and birch mushrooms. Before posoly, previously cleared mushrooms, wash out, soak in water or scald to remove bitterness and an unpleasant smell. Salt mushrooms cold or we heat in the ways.