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To transition to application in production of cables of plastic materials for covers there was a decrease in consumption of lead and its alloys by cable plants. So far consumption of lead at plants of this subsector decreased to 5 thousand tons. Features of the applied technology are that that emissions of lead are insignificant.

Requirements of ecological safety at the minimum capital investments and energy consumption are answered by waste-free technology of processing of accumulator scrap with application hydrometallurgical, electrochemical and low-temperature (600-7000 C) of metallurgical conversions.

For reduction of emissions of lead in air and dumpings it is necessary to carry out modernization of accumulator plants with change of technology and use of the new equipment with the built-in system of cleaning of emissions in air and lack of drains to water objects (reverse water supply. For this purpose it is required to buy the import equipment (the domestic is not made) for the sum about 100 mln. dollars.

The solution of the problem of efficiency of a pyleulavlivaniye is provided with application of multistage purification of gases in the technological scheme of vitriolic production, and in case of emission of gases without utilization in a chimney - transfer to a pyleochistka in hose filters.