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In domestic literature there was a bit different idea of insurance. Its definition should be given on the basis of the characteristic of the lines inherent as to the processes arising in surrounding environment under the influence of the harmful substances coming to it, and to operations of property insurance and insurance of responsibility.

So, the ecological insurance which is carried out as insurance of responsibility for emergency environmental pollution is aimed at providing ecological safety and compensation of losses of the third parties (certainly, on condition of observance of commercial interests of insurers) and as property insurance - is directed only on compensation of losses of the insurer.

That that need of research of new sources of financing of nature protection actions is very sharp today, clearly, as well as that real additional financial reserves only the private capital possesses so far. To find for it the attractive directions of investment of capital - one more function of ecological insurance in that sense in which we understand it.

If for operations of property insurance there is rather rich range of standard and methodical documentation, it still should be developed for insurance of responsibility for emergency pollution of the environment.