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Reserves of minerals (except oil and gas in the United Arab Emirates are rather limited. However there are data on fields of mica, chrome, plaster, copper and manganese. In prosperity there are raw materials for cement works.

In Abu Dhabi General Industries Corporation with the capital of 100 million dirhams for encouragement of industrial projects in the emirate was created. The corporation is ready to participate in implementation of projects with fifty percent of the capitals and uses at a choice of object of investment the same criteria, as EIB.

The United Arab Emirates - are located in southeast part of Arabian Peninsula. Border on Qatar in the northwest, the Sultanate of Oman in the east and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the south. Coast of the Emirates are washed by waters of the Persian and Omani gulfs.

Climate in this country dry, subtropical. Rare rains drop out generally at night during the winter period, their maximum part is the share of the territory of the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. Average daytime temperature in the winter +18 C, summer - + 48C with high percent of humidity (to 97%).

Other important industries of Races of Al Hayma are production of cement and other building materials. The local stone which is got in mountains, goes for production of various building materials up to a ceramic tile. There is a plant on production of pharmaceutical products

At limitation of the arable areas and shortage of water was to develop agriculture very risky. According to many, it would be more reasonable to spend part of currency revenue for oil and gas for purchase of the food abroad. Nevertheless, the risk and foresight of the management justified themselves: the market is sated with vegetables and fruit from neighboring fields and kitchen gardens, the canning industry is provided with raw materials, the part grown up even is exported to neighboring countries and Europe.

Opening of natural gas fields led to basic changes of this region. Participation of Sharjah in the sphere of trade, thanks to vigorous development of goods turnover of large local port Khalid is considerable, and construction of the modern international airport increased already considerable flow of tourists.

The ADNOC group of companies works in all sectors of the gas and oil industry, including extracting (drilling at the land and in a pestilence, technical ensuring works in the Gulf, transportation by tankers, distribution of oil and oil products, production of fertilizers.