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In economic reality exists distributions of material benefits, between two forms: salary and public funds of a. There can be such situations when it is much more favorable to quite healthy people to be ill or be in sanatorium, than to work. Therefore the and firm carry out expansion of public funds of consumption only within preservation and an of the principle of personal economic interest in results of work. The salary remains the main form of distribution of material benefits and services.

At last, the firm will get economic profit if she manages to monopolize the market of any goods. The exclusive profit arises because the monopolist reduces output and raises the goods price.

Averages and low-profitable segments of the population considerably lost opportunity to use earlier available zhizneopredelyayushchy benefits (rest, part of household and social services, possibility of a trip to relatives to the remote areas etc.) that creates at them feeling of disappointment the events and strengthens social tension in society. Quality and conditions of providing medical care, education and rest began to differ sharply at small part of rich people and bulk of the population.

the number of dependents and disabled, children and aged, grows quicker, than number of the. Besides improves and becomes more expensive their in child care facilities, in sanatoria, rest houses, boarding houses, hospitals and policlinics;

Thus, now one of the most important problems of reforming of system of social payments and privileges is in acceptance of effective measures on fight against poverty by simplification of system of social support, and also its strict addressing that will increase its efficiency and ability to adapt for quickly changing economic and social situation. Social benefits have to go mainly what income is lower than a living wage, that who needs the social help.

Our country goes very difficult way of a perestraivaniye of own structure of economy and the market relations. It is inevitably interfaced to numerous difficulties and problems. One of them is the increasing stratification of society. To it there are objective reasons:

the products and services directed on satisfaction of a number of intellectual requirements. So society and a can stimulate development of the most important of the human person. Here the free, cultural and educational actions, service belong;

It is important to note, what not all members of society use public funds of consumption equally. various level of pensions, grants, various hospitals, sanatoria and boarding houses. Not all happen in libraries, hospitals and rest houses, not everyone studies in higher education institutions. Much less income from public of consumption is gained by villagers in connection with a in the village of objects of social infrastructure. Therefore also distribution through public funds of consumption brings differentiation in a standard of living, however, on other economic basis on a with a salary.

One of the most important lines of blocking of decrease in purchasing power of a salary having and independent value for regulation of its organization — a radical of level of a minimum wage,

the benefits which cannot be consumed on the individually. Some of municipal services — gardening and a of settlements, work of a public, lighting of streets are that, for example.

Such funds exist in many countries. At the expense of social funds in these countries the thirteenth salaries, prize, family grants. Thus the main part of social funds at the expense of a salary of workers. For example, for receiving pension workers pay in fund of social security: in Germany 13% of a salary; in — 10; in Italy, France, Japan — 6 — 7; in the USA — 4%.

In production of people creates the new cost equal to the cost of his labor, for necessary working hours. Therefore its working day shares on paid (it is necessary also unpaid (additionally time. If the businessman began to pay all work of workers, it would lose a source of the enrichment.

In the conditions of the developed market economy (or at least attempts of its constructions the minimum wage, first of all, bears on itself a problem of reproduction of labor. And now about it there is no speech even. The minimum rate has rather formal, than real character.