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On the plowed-up sites from this soil it is recommended to enter soil-protective crop rotations, a zaluzheniye. Vygonny sites demand radical improvement, introduction of pasturable crop rotations, and on the most inconvenient massifs afforestation.

They are characterized favorable physical and water physical properties: small volume weight in the humic horizon, a high moisture capacity and good water penetration. In the humic horizons porosity makes 50-60. The best water penetration from the arable horizon of N and in the top part of the horizon of Nr where the water strong komkovaty and granular structure is well expressed. Sites with these soils receive additional moistening at the expense of waters of a superficial slope from adjacent slopes. The best conditions of moistening favor to manifestation of active pochvoobrazovatelny process and formation of powerful well gumusirovanny horizon of N. Formation of a profile of it like soils still is completely not complete as from adjacent slopes the fine earth is periodically washed. In this regard it is necessary to pay attention to development of the erosive processes proceeding on nearby slopes. Application of a soil-protective agrotechnology will allow to keep soils in the balanced state, i.e. will not allow to wash away the arable horizon on one and to wash on other soils.

On mechanical structure of the soil srednesuglinisty, have the truncated profile of 35-45 cm. The humic horizon is washed away, to a surface there is transitional, less structural horizon. It worsens physical properties of an arable land which easily swims away, forming a crust after a rain. These soils lose a significant amount of water on a superficial drain, are badly provided with moisture. Owing to a close bedding of dense breeds of the soil always of a shchebnevata that worsens their economic value even more.

Formation of slightly eroded soils proceeds in the conditions of action of weak processes of a water and wind erosion. The profile of soils is characterized by a partial smytost of the humous and accumulative horizon of N. Thereof the general power of a humic profile is a little truncated and fluctuates within 52-64 cm. Depth of an arable layer usually exceeds depth of the humous and accumulative horizon therefore the top transitional humic horizon podpaivatsya partially.

Improvement of a vlagobespechennost of plants substantially will increase efficiency of the applied organic and fertilizers. At application of fertilizers it is necessary to be guided by recommendations of Donetsk zone agrochemical laboratory.

Creating biological circulation of cindery substances, supplying the soil with organic weight, the vegetation is one of the major and leading factors soil formation. The vegetation role in creation of a microclimate, in fight against a wind and water erosion is great.

Application agrotechnical actions will allow not only to detain completely a drain of thawed and storm snow, to eliminate harmful action of a wind erosion, but also to increase reserves of productive moisture and to increase productivity of cultures.

Washout of the top fertile layer of soils is followed by loss not only a humus, but also nutrients, deterioration of structure and its durability, impoverishment of soils colloidal particles and reserves of productive moisture.

To actions which reduce a soil pliability to blowing by a wind, the all-agronomical receptions on a moisture in the soil and to improvement of its structure which are expressed in timely processing of soils, preservation of physical activity on an arable layer belong.